DiscoVer: Elisa Strozyk Reinvents Wood With A Carpet

Winner of the 2010 German Design Award for Newcomers, Berlin-based designer, Elisa Strozyk, crafted the Wooden Carpet in 2009 soon after having received a Master’s degree in Textile Futures at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London.

(Photography Credit: DesignBoom)

A carpet constructed with hundreds of individually hand cut or laser cut geometric teak veneer wood pieces that are then attached by hand to a textile base, pushing the boundaries between hard and soft materials, tricking the eye with its multi-dimensional effects.

(Photography Credit: DesignBoom)

(Photography Credit: DesignBoom)

The carpets are now produced and distributed by the German furniture manufacturer Bower, generated worldwide attention in Strozyk’s innovative work.

(Photography Credit: DesignBoom)

This wooden textile with its surprisingly flexible and tactile appeal, feels comfortable underfoot, making it a viable alternative to regular carpet, which has become associated with environmental and health concerns. The Wooden Carpet provides an opportunity for those looking to elevate their green initiatives.

(Photography Credit: CoolHunting)

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