DiscoVer: Piet Houtenbos Redefines Mood Lighting With Grenade Oil Lamps

Piet Houtenbos Singular Products is a growing collection of objects, available in a variety of options, which includes hand grenade oil lamps made from actual U.S. Army surplus grenades and gilded in gold, silver, or left natural.

Tailor made to order in Brooklyn, each Grenade Oil Lamp gets its distinct shape from the job it was designed for – fragmentation (pineapple), smoke/flash bombs (lemon), or high impact explosives (ball).

(Photography Credit: Piet Houtenbos)

The item which is available on Vedere, was created sometime in 1998 when Houtenbos came across a dummy grenade at an Army/Navy shop in Providence, RI. Then a freshman at the Rhode Island School of Design, the designer first transformed it into a lighter, but soon after turned it into an oil lamp.

(Photography Credit: Piet Houtenbos)

The Brooklyn-based designer is known for crafting a selection of custom furniture expertly built for specific needs and spaces.

(Photography Credit: Piet Houtenbos)

The defused grenade, filled with paraffin oil, and then topped with a wick is a high charged item that will blow you away with its inventive beauty.

(Photography Credit: Piet Houtenbos)

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