Good Works: Standard 41’s Kids of Kathmandu Updates Vedere On Summer Initiatives

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Since the enLIGHTen project auction ended on May 17, We reached out to vendor on Vedere, Standard 41’s Andrew Raible on efforts to help the Kids of Kathmandu, a non-profit he founded with his wife, Jami Saunders.

(Photography Credit: Jami Saunders)

“The enLIGHTen project was very important for us,” says Raible. “Since the auction ended we have been able to continue with private school for our 37 younger orphans,” he explains. In addition to supplying the children with new uniforms and expanding food donations, Kids of Kathmandu have also hired an opthamalogist to perform eye exams as many kids reportedly have trouble seeing the blackboard.

(Photography Credit: Kids of Kathmandu)

For their solar project, individual solar tukis have been given to each child so that they can read and study at night. An entire solar panel system is also in the works and will be installed later this summer. “This solar panel system will not only give light and electricity 24 hours a day, but will power a water filtration system as well,” adds Raible.

(Photography Credit: Casa Sugar)

Raible also shared with Vedere that 7 of their oldest kids have all passed a very important exam, called the Student Leaving Certificate (SLC), which will allows them to take their education to the university level.

“We are currently researching schools for each child and want them to understand that wherever they want to study, if and when they are accepted, there will be no financial barriers for them,” says Raible.

(Photographer Credit: Kids of Kathmandu)

Helping these kids to go on to college will bring forth a set of new issues Kids of Kathmandu have yet to experience. “This is a delicate subject,” explains Raible. “Imagine trying to navigate the time in between high school and college without parents,” he says.

“If the children want to study in Kathmandu, for example, they will need housing,” he explains. “We do not want any barriers to arise if and when they show a desire to overcome their situation and attempt to stand on their own.”

(Photography Credit: Kids of Kathmandu)

This life change for the kids has proven to be very emotional for the entire Kids of Kathmandu family. “Even though the idea of this is exciting, it is also scary for them,” shares Raible. “It is a door that has been blown wide open for them that before they did not even know existed.”

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