V Go: Sandra Cinto at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park

The Seattle Art Museum is now showing the work of Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto for the Olympic Sculpture Park PACCAR Pavillion. The site-specific installation entitled “Encontro das Águas (Encounter of Waters),” which will be on view through April 2013, was illustrated by Cinto using silver paint pens on a blue background.

(Photography Credit: Seattle Art Museum)

Cinto’s artistic process of using basic materials such as ballpoint pens, or in this case, paint pens, reflects her objective to transform simple into profound. Cinto painted directly on the wall, transforming a single line into an expansive image of water through repeating it at different angles, lengths, and patterns. The result is a seascape of impressive proportions filled with mesmerizing detail and complexity.

(Photography Credit: City Arts Online)

Water imagery is a common theme in Cinto’s work and reappears in this installation as an expression of renewal and risk, a symbol of the human spirit in difficult circumstances.

(Photography Credit: Seattle Art Museum)

In the installation at the Olympic Sculpture Park, she incorporates a wooden boat which represents the idea of a journey. History also plays a part in Cinto’s work, providing the basis for creating a visual interpretation as well as a means of offering her commentary on modern society.

(Photography Credit: City Arts Online)

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