V Connects: Standard 41′s Andrew Raible Weighs In On Furniture-Making Stripper ‘Magic Mike’

Just released, the film Magic Mike features a male stripper with a passion for making furniture. We spoke with Standard 41’s Andrew Raible, a vendor on Vedere about the film and what he thinks it takes to turn an unyielding passion into a dream.

Designing furniture is a creative and technical line of work that requires tenacity and unstoppable talent. Loosely based on his real-life experience as a male stripper, Channing Tatum stars as Mike, the Tampa, Fla. featured attraction in the all-male revue Xquisite with a dream of starting a custom furniture business.

(Photography Credit: Warner Bros.)

Raible, a furniture designer for the past 19 years, has received much attention for his furnishings, which have been featured in New York Times, Interior Design Magazine and more.   His custom-made works, which include beds and tables, have been successfully sold to homes and hotels throughout the country but what drives Raible the most creatively is the belief “that we haven’t exhausted all of our ideas on what a table, chair, sofa, credenza is in the modern world.”

(Photography Credit: Standard 41)

In Magic Mike, the main character squirrels away $13,000 but is still unable to launch his company due to an inability to secure a loan.  To Raible, his inability to start his business seemed unrealistic. “At [that] stage it’s not about the money, although $13,000 is an adequate amount,” he continues. “I started off with a lot less than that,” he shares.

(Photography Credit: Standard 41)

And to the “Magic Mikes” and other budding furniture designers of the world, Raible suggests: “Have your own voice, market the hell out of yourself, have a clear message so that people know where you are coming from and stay true to your style.”

(Photography Credit: Standard 41)

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