V Go: Shaping Modernity: Design 1880-1980 At MoMA, NYC

Currently on view in the Architecture and Design Galleries at the Museum of Modern Art, an ongoing exhibit titled “Shaping Modernity: Design 1880–1980” examines the subject of modernity as well as the significance of modern and contemporary artwork.

(Photography Credit: The Museum of Modern Art)

“Shaping Modernity” attempts to reveal the way previous generations have shaped their experience living in the modern world. The exhibition features roughly 300 works from the Museum’s collection including objects, graphics, architectural remnants, and textiles. Works are organized into five installations based on period-specific themes: Art Nouveau objects and posters 
from 1890 to 1914; posters and graphics of the New Typography movement (1927–37); works from 1925 to 1940; a survey of the influential Good Design movement (1944–56); and works from the 1960s
 and 1970s that merged the clean and elegant forms of modern design with new materials, colors, and forms.

(Photography Credit: The Museum of Modern Art)

Through exploring a century of aesthetic and technological innovation from the late 19th to late 20th century, “Shaping Modernity” presents a visual timeline that illustrates the developments society has made on their path to the modern day.

(Photography Credit: The Museum of Modern Art)

From iconic works by designers including Charles and Ray Eames to unexpected items such as a hunting bow to everyday items like Tupperware, the section “What was Good Design” showcases mix of domestic furnishings, appliances, sporting goods, and graphics. MoMA’s survey of mid-century design takes commonplace objects and innovative ideas from the period following World War II and uses them as examples for the primary values of what makes “good design”.

(Photography Credit: The Museum of Modern Art)

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