V Scoop: Celebrity Interior Designer Shayne Smith Talks Textiles, Tenacity & Hayden Panettiere

Los Angeles, CA-based Shayne Smith of Shayne Interior Design Group (SIDG) is a renowned architectural interior designer of an award-winning firm specializing in high end residential and hospitality design that recently met up with Vedere at posh furniture boutique Jean de Merry in West Hollywood to discuss all things interior design.

A Hurricane Katrina survivor, Smith, a graduate of The Art Institute of Chicago is a passionate designer of furniture, drapery and pillows, applying innovative techniques to create inspired pieces that meld high fashion with comfortable living.

(Photography Credit: Shayne Interior Design Group)

For client, actress Hayden Panettiere, Smith created a bedroom with a look loosely inspired by Marie Antoinette, adorned with black Damask velvet walls, and brightly colored drapery.

(Moodboard of Hayden Panettiere Master Bedroom. Photography Credit: Shayne Interior Design Group)

An innovative element in the Panettiere space is a living room featuring collaborator Mark Leibowitz’s photographs of supermodels from a Jean-Paul Gaultier showcase printed on sheers and then affixed to the large windows that look out on the city of Los Angeles. “You can’t really see their faces but you can see their clothes, the color of the fabric,” she continues. “What’s interesting is that during the day all you see is color but you can still see outside,” she describes “and then at night, we backlit it so that the light flashes from behind and it looks as if there’s a room filled with people.”

(Moodboard of Hayden Panettiere Guest Bedroom. Photography Credit: Shayne Interior Design Group)

It is an innovation that has inspired Smith’s current project, a line of drapery and pillows featuring fashion photography done by Mark Leibowitz. It is her plan to expand on this inspiration with a home furnishings collection of modern wood and/or lacquered furniture pieces that features printed photography, creating a look where art and furniture become one.

(Photography Credit: Shayne Interior Design Group)

Most notably recognized for her collaboration with elite design firm Hirsh Bedner, her award winning design at Dancing Bear Resort in Aspen, as well as her continuous projects with high profile clients, what makes SIDG so unique is the company’s humanitarian efforts, currently working in conjunction with women’s groups in Kenya, in hopes of raising awareness, improving lives, and nurturing tremendous craftsmanship that would otherwise be left unnoticed.

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