V Scoop: Hidden Gem Ready For Summer Road Trip Stop After Refurbishment

Now ready for view after its April 2012 refurbishment project is the outdoor desert sculpture museum created by Los Angeles art legend Noah Purifoy, deep within the desert of Joshua Tree, just 2 hours east of L.A.

Check out Vedere’s exclusive all-access pass to Purifoy’s curious and wondrous ten-acre spread, featuring over 100 sculptures that the artist constructed entirely from junked materials. Then, this Summer, add this destination that’s considered one of California’s great artistic wonders to your road trip itinerary!

(Photography Credit: Vedere)

(Photography Credit: Vedere)

Recognized as the founder of L.A’s Watts Towers Art Center in the 1960s, Noah Purifoy, the renowned assemblage artist, began building these large-scale installations around his desert home in 1988, creating over 100 works until his death at 86 in 2004.

(Photography Credit: Vedere)

The sculpture museum is as creepy, desolate but cool like the desert itself. Each installation is mysterious homage to urban life, featuring piles of basketball sneakers, demin jeans and vintage television sets. It appears as though Purifoy has seen the end of world and recreated it in the desert.

(Photography Credit: Vedere)

Over the years, harsh terrain, blazing heat and Santa Ana winds have slowly altered the creations as they bake helplessly in the sun. Found objects like plywood, ceramics, bowling balls and vintage car parts were recently revitalized as part of a refurbishment project spearheaded by trustees of the Noah Purifoy Foundation.

(Photography Credit: Vedere)

Says Joseph S. Lewis III, President. Noah Purifoy Foundation: “Noah did not discriminate about the materials he used to make art and welcomed nature working with him in the creative process. He continues: “The refurbishment [was meant to] honor his intent and practice.”

(Photography Credit: Atlas Obscura)

The refurbishment project also helps to maintain museum’s original look, with archways and roof structures given more support to ensure public safety and appropriate access.


(Photography Credit: Coyote and Thunder)

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