V Scoop: Inside Look At Marie Burgos’ Hot Design Project, Spice Warehouse

Feng Shui master and vendor on Vedere, interior designer, Marie Burgos recently shared with Vedere a design project at Spice Warehouse, incorporating balance and harmony in a very monochromatic space. Located in downtown neighborhood of TriBeca in New York City, Burgos was tasked to keep the authenticity and rich history alive with the right design elements for the client.

Established in 1895 as a warehouse for the spice trade, 481 Washington was built to last, featuring an enchanting Beaux Arts façade. Once a thriving a printing company, the loft building was eventually renovated, respecting its arched windows, iron columns and overall old world elegance. “I love the authenticity of the building, the history which can be seen in the iron columns, the [high, original] brick wall and the 13 feet ceiling height,” says Burgos.

(Photography Credit: Douglas Elliman)


(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

However, the client wanted their property in the building to be different from all the others in the building, reflecting the sense that this space had once been a Spice Warehouse.


(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

“It was very fulfilling for me to research and find unique furniture and accents pieces with an “old world” feel,” shares Burgos. Objects like an Indonesian coffee table, antiques like the giant iron clock and metal horse head, helped in creating the old world/ industrial ambiance. “Also, I made a point of finding exceptional material such as an oversized mirror handcrafted from vintage wood planks salvaged from boats, a double crank dining table featuring an industrial aesthetic with a unique blend of iron and distressed mango wood, comfortable host and hostess dining chairs in a tan linen, solid oak chair with Cain seat, which combine the rustic charm of an old French Farmhouse with an industrial look,” she describes.

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

Burgos worked within a large open floor plan, balancing modern pieces such as an Eames chaise, Shell chairs and even Ibiza white leather chairs for comfort, upholding a rustically elegant look, while also bringing in warmth, making the space a unique haven in downtown Manhattan.


(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

As Feng Shui Master, it was important to introduce what Burgos refers to as the ‘five natural elements.’ “The Chinese believe that we are surrounded by five natural elements: Water, wood, fire, earth and metal,” explains Burgos. It is believed that all five elements must be present in your environment in order to create balance and harmony. These elements can be represented by a color, shape or with the natural element itself, ensuring the integration of the forces of nature and promoting calm and balance in the living space.


(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

“The fact that I used white walls [with Benjamin Moore paint], white cabinets, natural oak floors throughout the whole space and even whiten the original brick wall in the living room, [also brought a] calming energy into the space.

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