V Scoop: Naula As Vedere Craftsman Of The Week!

Just hot off the heels of the Elle Decor September 2012 cover story,  featuring their furniture in an interior designed by Kelly Behun, decorator  for Ivanka Trump, Naula is Vedere’s Craftsman of the Week!

Since 2002, founder and creative director Angel Naula has brought together a group of artisans and designers to create a workshop that thrives on the idea that, at its inception, each piece is of its own unique design.

(Photography Credit: Naula)

Born in Cuenca, Ecuador, Angel Naula has spent nearly his entire life designing and fabricating custom furniture, apprenticing in his family’s own workshop until the age of six and building his first piece of furniture when he was just 13.

(Photography Credit: Naula)

Upon immigrating to the United States, Angel carried on the integrity, mastery, and craftsmanship instilled by his father, his grandfather, and the generations of furniture makers before them.

(Photography Credit: Naula)

Known internationally for its modern simplicity and old-world craftsmanship, Naula offers  the highest quality of innovative, custom furniture with eco-friendy options like reclaimed and FSC Certified woods and 100% biodegradable fabrics.

(Photography Credit: Naula)

“We believe that to develop a truly sustainable product, it has to be about more than just using the right ingredients. The product itself has to possess an inherent quality that lasts,” their website states.

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