V Trends: A Look At Sustainable Design With Resource Furniture And Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston

As season 5 of the critically-acclaimed series “Breaking Bad” is set to kick off on July 15, discover another side of the show’s star Bryan Cranston, an expert on sustainable, adaptable, footprint reducing architecture.

At last month Dwell On Design in Los Angeles, the celebrity, who also starred in “Malcolm In The Middle,” discussed his new 3Palms project –a cutting-edge example of green design and construction that is primed to be the model for a new generation of homes, promising a smaller environmental footprint that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, luxury, design or sophistication.

(Photography Credit: Turturro Design Studio)

Sustainable design is a term that’s currently sweeping the design world. It is a practice that seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and the health and comfort of building dwellers, while improving its design performance. Objectives include the reduction of the consumption of non-renewable resources in order to minimize waste thereby creating healthy, productive environments.

(Photography Credit: JTB World)

The project also includes one of Resource Furniture‘s transforming furniture systems, the Nuvoliola 10, a freestanding system that transforms effortlessly from a bedroom to a clipping area using weightless, unseen technology.

(Photography Credit: Resource Furniture)

Resource Furniture, an international leader in adaptable luxury Italian furniture, specializes in providing furniture solutions that transform a space with both beauty and functionality.

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