V Connects: Art Cart NYC ‘Defaced’ at Bushwick Open Studios

“Why do we feel the need to document everything?” This inquisitive comment, among hundreds of others, scrolled across LED panels mounted to the side of a truck at Arts in Bushwick’s sixth annual Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) last weekend.

(Photography Credit: Brittney Soldano)

Art Cart NYC™, founded by Hannah Flegelman in 2010, is a mobile exhibition space that takes “pop-up gallery” to a new level, working with emerging artists and performers to create a unique artistic experience.

(Photography Credit: Brittney Soldano)

The latest project to hit the Art Cart was multi-media artist Allie Pohl’s ‘Defaced,’ an interactive project that endeavors to find out how people use social media in their everyday lives. As anonymous, candid responses are displayed on the exterior of Art Cart, Pohl interviews visitors, exploring the complex relationship between our real selves and the ideal ones that we digitally create.

(Photography Credit: Brittney Soldano)

Although the pop-up ‘Defaced’ exhibition aboard the Art Cart ended this weekend at the close of BOS, those interested can still submit comments to the website at any time, as well as view comments on Facebook and Twitter.

(Photography Credit: Brittney Soldano)

Vedere caught up with some of these ‘artoholics’ to find out what they thought about ‘Defaced.’ Meet them below!

(Photography Credit: Brittney Soldano)

Rebecca 25, Graduate Student

Q: How does this event compare with what you’ve previously seen from Art Cart?

A: I think with each event, the curation and the entire project get stronger and stronger. It’s definitely growing with each new show.

(Photography Credit: Brittney Saldano)

Q: Got Any Favorite Visitor-Generated Sentences From Today’s Exhibit?

A: My favorite comments come from Facebook. After liking the page, I’ve been getting the feeds interspersed with what my friends and acquaintances say. In that context, I think it’s effective and really quite funny, because you can read the witty, snarky or compelling remarks [of Defaced] interjected with things like ‘I walked my dog today.’

Kelsey 24, Operations Manager, American Flat

Q: What’s A Memorable Comment You Spotted Scrolling Across The Truck?

A: I don’t know that I’ve seen any here, but on the Defaced website there was one that said, ‘I tweet, therefore I am’ or ‘I blog, therefore I am,’[which] could be taken as a positive response or a criticism.

(Photography Credit: Brittney Soldano)

Evan 35, Postdoctoral Fellow

Q: What Were You Asked During Your Interview?

Inside the truck, Allie asked me, “Do people present themselves authentically in social media?” I don’t think that’s really possible. One of the things I don’t like about social media is the way it circumscribes us and parcels us in specific ways that don’t really get to the heart of who we are as acting human beings.

(Photography Credit: Brittney Soldano)

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By Brittney Soldano


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