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Good Works: KGB Limited Keeps It Local Where It Counts

 A growing number of vendors on Vedere are giving back to their community in big ways that are helping to make our world a better place. As a social commerce website that regroups creative communities while showcasing new talent, Vedere has launched, Good Works on Vedere, a new weekly column, spotlighting our vendors’ contributions to worthy causes. Each Thursday,  follow #GoodWorks on Twitter to track how industry leaders on Vedere are making the world a better place, one charitable project at a time. Then join our discussion group on Twitter #GoodWorksDesignChat Thursdays at 12noon!

Vendor on Vedere, Khouri Guzman Bunce Limited (KGB Limited), is a New York City-based line of handcrafted American furniture, unapologetically modern, featuring materials and design methods associated with older levels of craftsmanship. But what sets KGB Limited apart from many furniture makers is that they source local labor and incorporate locally-made Pyrex kitchen glassware into some of their creations.  “Pyrex is only produced in one place, which happens to be in New York state,” David Khouri of KGB tells Vedere in a recent interview.

(Interior Featuring Duran Coffee Table, Made With Pyrex. Photography Credit: KGB Limited)

“My favorite KGB Pyrex piece is the Dempsey Table,” says Khouri. “It uses only a small piece of the material, which gives it a jewel-like appearance atop the bronze base.”

(Image of Dempsey Table, Made With Pyrex. Photography Credit: KGB Limited)

The sophisticated mirrored Pyrex top of the Dempsey rests atop a solid silicon bronze base, which is then polished along one edge to create a continuous, graphic line. And like the Pyrex you have come to rely on in your home, the 1 1/2″ thick glass is impermeable to alcohol and pretty much everything else.

(Image of Duran Coffee Table, Made With Pyrex. Photography Credit: KGB Limited)

In addition to the use of locally-sourced Pyrex, KGB Limited also employs local artisans for many of their creations as they believe that New York City attracts the most talented, dedicated artists and craftsman in the country. “Getting the chance to develop relationships with people who know so much about their craft is very rewarding,” says Khouri. “They teach you so much you don’t know about the process and in return, we try to give them something to work on which utilizes their talents to the fullest and makes them feel appreciated.”

(Image of Duran Coffee Table, Made With Pyrex. Photography Credit: KGB Limited)

Khouri shares that KGB Limited loves to discover someone with a skill set that we can co-opt for an idea that that have. An example: “When we decided to do molded leather pieces we found a guy who has a business customizing motorcycle seats and accessories for bikers, Khouri shares. “He was used to modeling skulls and crossbones, knives, guns, etc. until we came along. But he loves working for us because it has allowed him to do something entirely different.”

(Image of Gavilan Barstool. Photography Credit: KGB Limited)

Using local talent and materials have opened up a new world to KGB Limited. What do you source from your community? Tweet us at @VedereOnline!


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