DiscoVer: Zaha Hadid Designs Z-Boat!

Recently American art dealer Kenny Schachter  tapped Pritzker Prize-winning Dame, architect Zaha Hadid  to design a limited edition speedboat, a 7.5 metre-long vessel, named Z-Boat, featuring an asymmetric body made from fibreglass.

Set to be built by French company Shoreteam and released in Spring 2013, only 12 boats and four prototypes will be created.

(Photography Credit: Zaha Hadid Architects/ Kenny Schachter-ROVE)

Known for her bold style, the architect has set new standards within the design world, helping to influence new technology and materials. Hadid is not only an architect but also a celebrated painter, designer of furniture and home goods such as bowls and chandeliers. With an impressive array of projects, from the London Olympic Aquatics Centre to the Guangzhou Opera House, it is no surprise that the famed architect accepted the challenge of creating the Z-Boat.

(Photography Credit: Steve Double, Jun 2007)

The Z-Boat will be an all black vessel, powered by an 1×220 HP Mercruiser, that comfortably seats eight.

This project comes just a few years after Hadid designed the  the futuristic, three wheeled Z-Car in 2005.

(Photography Credit: Zaha Hadid Architects/ Kenny Schachter-ROVE)

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