V Scoop: Renoir Painting To Be Auctioned Tomorrow (9/29) Now Cancelled

As you know, Vedere offers the best in art and home goods on a platform that allows enthusiasts direct access to designers and artisans. Imagine finding a Pierre-August Renoir, the renowned French impressionist, for a steal! That’s what happened in 2010 a West Virginia resident who unknowingly purchased Renoir’s “Paysage Bords de Seine” (“Landscape on the Banks of the Seine.”)  for $7 at a flea market, only to recently lose it over a dispute with Baltimore Museum of Art.

It has been reported that “Paysage Bords de Seine” was to be auctioned off tomorrow at auction house Patomack Company in Baltimore, Maryland but the sale, which could have fetched the flea market shopper upwards of $100K, has been put on hold as it may have been stolen from a museum six decades ago.


The painting depicts a blurry image of the Seine river with swirls of green and pink colors, shrouded by green shrubbery and purple and pinkish flowers. Framed with a golden encasing, the work carries a plaque emblazoned with the word “RENOIR”.

According to Washington Post, what is known, according to the auction house’s research, is that the French art gallery Bernheim-Jeune purchased “Paysage Bords de Seine” in June 1925 and then sold the painting to Herbert L. May, a lawyer whose family owned a department store in Pittsburgh a year later. Between the years 1937 until its theft in 1951, the painting then lived at the Baltimore Musuem of Art. Where it languished for decades afterwards until it wound up at a flea market remains a mystery.

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