The Future of Furniture May Lay in Magnetic Technology

 The Levitating Table

(Photography Credit: Yanko Design)

If you had to look twice at this piece of furniture suspended in the air, you are not alone. The table, designed by Yana Christiaens, is literally levitating in space. This remarkable design is made possible by an electromagnetic suspension system, allowing the wooden table to sit on top of a steel plate, magnetically charged downwards towards the nondescript steel plate on the floor. Because the table is held together by electromagnetism, the height of the table can be easily changed but simply adjusting the strength of the magnetic field.

If all this scientific talk sounds like jibberish to you, just focus on whats important: The design is extremely modern, incorporating charming wood with sleek plates of steel to create a gorgeous piece. Aside from its awesome practicality, the piece has a huge “Wow!” factor that knocks on the door of the future. Read more about this innovative design on


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