V Connects: Colorizing Historical Photographs

Imagine the most iconic images well-known to most Americans in black-and-white photos were suddenly transformed into a colorful photograph. That’s what Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway did when she revitalized historical images by using modern technology to bring those moments into color.

Famous faces like Abraham Lincoln and Anne Frank and even Charlie Chaplin have been given sharp, bright color by the artist’s hand.
(Image of Abraham Lincoln. Photography Credit: Sanna Dullaway)
(Image of Anne Frank. Photography Credit: Sanna Dullaway)

As someone who specializes in modifying images, Dullaway used the opportunity to revitalize these images in order to promote her colorization business online. Since, posting her version of these historical images on Reddit, sparking worldwide debate and creating much intrigued into Dullaway’s work.

(Image of Charlie Chaplin. Photography Credit: Sanna Dullaway)

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