V Connects: Vedere Visits Portland Japanese Garden

Nestled in the scenic west hills of Portland, Oregon, the 5.5-acre Portland Japanese Garden has been proclaimed the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan. It is a haven of tranquil beauty that provides secluded leisure, rest, repose, meditation, and sentimental pleasure.

Composed of five distinct garden styles, enter the venue via the lower park entrance and immediately realize a sense of calm as you take the  stone steps up to the garden. Marvel at the redwood trees hovering over a garden that’s been cut and manicured to human scale so that one always feels part of the environment, not overpowered by it.

(Photography Credit: Portland Japanese Gardens)

Unlike western gardens that place a high importance on plants and colorful flowers, Japanese gardens are idealized landscapes designed specifically for human contemplation and relaxation. Influenced by Shinto, Buddhist, and Taoist philosophies, there is always “something more” in these compositions of stone, water, and plants than meets the eye.  Asymmetrical steps and walkways help to bring a sense of harmonious slowness so that one may leisurely stop to enjoy the quiet calm of a garden.


(Photography Credit: Laura Davidson)

Designed by Professor Takuma Tano, one of the most important Japanese landscape architects of his time, Portland Japanese Garden speaks to all the senses, not just to the mind alone, featuring a mix of plants, stones, sand and water.


(Photography Credit: Portland Japanese Gardens)

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