V Go: London Bus-Tops Just In Time For 2012 Olympics

Bringing new meaning to public art, a new London installation titled “Bus-Tops” features publicly created designs.

The project, which will continue through September 2012, transforms the tops of 30 bus shelters into platforms for giant LED designs.

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As part of the Artists Taking The Lead, a program funded by Arts Council England for the London 2012 Cultural Olympics, London is one of the twelve nations and regions across the United Kingdom taking part. Each month the displays will change, providing a platform for select artists and the public to showcase their work in a city-wide exhibition.

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Among the screen based installations is All The Umbrellas In London Can’t Stop The Pain which depicts raindrops, explosions, and the Olympic rings. This design, collaboration between Carla Arocha and Stéphane Schraenen, is a reflection on the long history between the Olympics and conflict. Another screen, Asian elephant by Patricia shrigley, illustrates an Asian elephant walking from an animation to help stop the extinction of the Asian Elephants.

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Anyone is welcome to create a design! And even those who don’t make it to the top of a bus shelter will have their contribution posted on the website.

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What would you design for Bus-Tops? Tweet us at @VedereOnline!


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